How To Get Rid Of Common Cold

    How to get rid of common cold

    How To Get Rid Of Common Cold

    How to get rid of common coldCommon cold is a contagious disease of the upper respiratory tract which most of the people suffer every year one or multiple times. Are you one of them? Its symptoms are really annoying and irritating to continue your daily activities. Here I’ll show you how to get rid of the common cold with simple natural remedies.

    The common cold is caused by viruses. Unfortunately, there are more than 200 viruses that are responsible to cause the common cold. Usually, it can be treated at home with natural remedies. If it lasts more than 2 weeks, then you need to visit your family doctor. If not treated, it may lead to serious health problems such as bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma.

    The common cold is a highly infectious disease. It immediately gets spread through air droplets if someone infected with common cold sneezes or coughs. These contaminated air droplets get accumulated on surrounding objects. If anyone touches these objects, they also get infected with a common cold. These viruses are capable of infecting others for first two days of infection. That’s why it is advised to stay at home while suffering from a common cold to avoid infecting others.

    The common symptoms of common cold are a runny nose, mild fever, pink eyes, sore throat, frequent sneezing, headache, and congestion. Infants and children are more vulnerable to common cold. Also, people with weak immune system fall prey to these viruses.

    Now keep on reading this article to explore natural ways that you can try at comfort of your home to get rid of common cold.


    CinnamonCinnamon is an effective remedy for common cold. It’s anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants contained in it help to fight against infection.

    Make a thin paste of cinnamon and boil it in one cup of water. Also, add one pinch of pepper powder and honey in it. You can have this tea daily twice to get rid of common cold.

    Further, it can be used for treating influenza, sore throat, and malaria. Its regular consumption during the rainy season will prevent you from the attack of influenza.

    Cumin Seeds

    Cumin SeedsCumin seeds are a rich source of thymol which has antiseptic properties. Therefore, dilute cumin seed water is utilized as an antiseptic beverage. It’ll help you to cure a common cold as well as fever.

    To prepare cumin water, take one tablespoon of cumin seeds and add them in boiling water. Allow it to simmer for a few seconds and set aside to cool. Drink this water twice a day.

    If the cold is associated with a sore throat, add a few small pieces of ginger in boiling water. It’ll give you relief from throat irritation.


    Onion often brings tears to your eyes but its high nutritional value makes it extraordinary food. It is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants which help to enhance your immune system. Stronger immunity will safeguard you against many diseases. For centuries, it has been used for curing a common cold, bronchitis, and influenza. Onion has the property to liquefy phlegm and prevents its recurrence.

    Take three to four tablespoons of onion juice and honey and mix them in equal proportion. Take this juice daily once. It is one of the safest preventive medicines against the common cold during winter.

    Furthermore, honey’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties will help you to cure common cold and sore throat.


    PepperPepper is considered beneficial in the treatment of common cold and fever. It encourages nasal drainage and sneezing which in turn help to relieve congested nose and chest.

    Take 5-6 pepper and form a thin paste. Add this powder in one cup of boiling water. Add a half tablespoon of sugar. Take this drink for a few nights for good results.


    Ginger is an excellent remedy for the common cold. It’s anti-inflammatory properties and essential nutrients help to get rid of common cold. Extract ginger juice and add one tablespoon of honey in it. Take it three or four times a day in case of coughs.

    For colds, cut ginger into small pieces and boil them in one cup of water. Add a half tablespoon of sugar if required. Serve it hot for quick relief. Ginger tea is another way to cure a common cold. It can be prepared by adding a few pieces of ginger in boiling water before adding tea leaves.

    Basil Leaves

    Basil LeavesBeing packed with numerous medicinal properties, holy basil is used in treating a number of diseases such as kidney stones, respiratory disorders, stress, heart disorders etc. They have antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, basil leaves are exceptionally useful for curing common cold, sore throat and fever.

    You can simply chew two or three basil leaves daily. Also, you can add a few tender leaves while making tea to get relief from common cold. In case of fever, prepare a decoction of the leaves by boiling them in half a liter of water. Add a half tablespoon of cardamom powder in it and sugar if required. This will help to bring down the temperature. For a sore throat, boil some basil leaves in water and drink it. Further, you can use this water as a gargle.


    NutmegNutmeg is one of the spices having many health benefits. But, not many know that it helps to cure a common cold. Topical application of nutmeg will relieve your nasal passage and headache.

    Take one or two nutmegs and form a thin powder of it. Add milk in this powder to form a thin paste. Apply this paste on your nose and forehead for quick relief.

    Apart from these remedies, consider below points as well to prevent common cold infection.

    • Wash your hands with sanitizer before eating.
    • Avoid touching your hands to your nose and face.
    • Include more Vitamin C rich foods such as kiwi, oranges, lemon in your diet to boost your immune system.
    • Take plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration such as vegetable soup, chicken soup etc.
    • Always drink boiled water.
    • Keep your home and workplace dust free.
    • Avoid eating outside food.

    So now you have learned how to get rid of the common cold with natural remedies. Pick one of the methods as explained above to get relief from common cold. If you have tried any of these remedies before or have any other remedies to share, don’t forget to comment below.