Gestational Diabetes Diet Plan During Pregnancy That Works

    Gestational Diabetes Diet Plan During Pregnancy

    Gestational Diabetes Diet Plan During Pregnancy That Works

    Are you diagnosed with gestational diabetes? Don’t get tensed. If you are looking out for gestational diabetes diet plan during pregnancy,  then you’re on right track.

    You’ll be able to tackle it with a proper diet plan. Even I was too diagnosed with it during my pregnancy but with proper diet and exercise my blood sugar kept in control without taking any medicines for diabetes. Before heading towards diet plan, let me explain to you more about this disease.

    Gestational diabetes occurs only during pregnancy. You undergo a lot of hormonal changes during pregnancy which leads to more glucose in the blood. These hormones also affect insulin production. This results in gestational diabetes. If not treated it may cause oversized baby or other complications during delivery. You may gain too much weight or have high blood pressure.

    Its symptoms are identical to pregnancy such as feeling more hungry, willing to pee multiple times, feeling thirsty. So, doing a blood test is the best way to know gestational diabetes.

    Usually, your doctor will ask you to take a blood test after 2 hours of drinking water with the glucose powder (75g) in the second trimester (24 weeks to 28 weeks).

    If your blood sugar level is greater than 130 mg/dL then it clearly indicates that you have gestational diabetes. So what’s next? Relax, your doctor won’t start medication immediately. She’ll first advise you to follow the proper diet plan and again ask you to do a blood test. So here you have a chance to control your blood sugar level with a strict diet plan and exercise. If next time too, your blood sugar is high then you’ll need to take medicines for diabetes as per your doctor’s prescription.

    Who does like taking medicines?  If you follow a proper diet plan and exercise regularly then definitely you will be able to control your blood sugar. So keep on reading to reveal the gestational diabetes diet plan that works.

    Note: If your doctor has given you medicines then take them regularly. Never ever skip them. Once your blood sugar is in control you can discontinue them by discussing with your health practitioner.

    No Carbs

    Though carbohydrates are the main source of energy, they can spike your blood sugar. Starchy and sugary foods come under carbohydrates popularly known as carbs. Hence, to control your blood sugar, you should say a big no to the carbs.

    Starchy foods include white rice, white bread, pasta. You need to avoid these foods. Instead of that, you can opt for whole grains, brown bread, oats, egg white, chicken. Having vegetable soup or chicken soup is a good idea which will give you a lot of proteins.

    Avoid eating sugary fruits such as mango, banana, sapodilla. They have excessive naturally occurring sugar. Instead of that eat fruits like apple, kiwi, oranges, avocado, pear, berries. Fruits rich in Vitamin C help to control your sugar level and stimulates insulin activity.

    Include More Fiber Rich Food

    Fiber Rich FoodsFibers are classified into 2 types – soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Both of them are considered as beneficial to lower the blood sugar level.

    Apart from that, they further help to lower the cholesterol and high blood pressure.

    So include more fiber-rich foods in your diet such as green vegetables, lentils, cereals, berries, oats, nuts, fruits. As I said earlier, don’t eat sugary fruits (mango, banana, sapodilla).

    Watch Out Your Cravings For Sweet Foods

    You might have cravings for sweet foods such as cakes, chocolates, ice-cream, pastries, cookies. But here onwards a strict no-no to all these sweet food items.

    I know its really hard to control food cravings during pregnancy. But remember that these sweet food items will increase your blood sugar level immediately.

    Therefore for your and your baby ’s health you have to restrain yourself from eating sweet items. Don’t get upset. There are some alternatives to sweet foods which you can try whenever you have cravings for them.

    You can eat yogurt instead of ice cream. It’ll satisfy your taste buds as well as help you to control blood sugar. In place of the dessert, you can enjoy fruit salad or vegetable salad.


    The retention of excess glucose in your blood leads to diabetes. If you involve yourself in physical activities, this excess glucose will get utilized by muscles as well as stimulate insulin action. Thus, lowering your blood sugar. Therefore indulge yourself in doing physical activities every day.

    Walking is one of the best exercises during pregnancy. I used to walk daily for 1 hour in my pregnancy. I’m not saying to walk continuously for hours. But you can take small walks frequently. If you feel tired then take a rest. Don’t force yourself.

    You can also try pregnancy exercises by consulting your doctor. Though doing exercise regularly aids normal delivery, for some pregnant women it might be risky.


    Nowadays gestational diabetes has become a common problem. Some women get tensed once they are diagnosed with it. Just be calm. The good news is that you can control it with proper diet plan and strictly avoiding cravings for sweet foods. Along with that regular exercise is also required.

    Also, keep a check on your blood sugar even if it’s under control during the entire pregnancy. You can check it at home with a glucometer.  Most of the time after pregnancy, gestational diabetes will go away. But it has been said that women with gestational diabetes are more likely to get Type 2 diabetes in the future. So keep this diet plan in mind even after the delivery. However, prevention is always better than cure.

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    I was able to control gestational diabetes in 2 weeks by following this diet plan and 1-hour walking daily. What about you? What’s your story?  I would love to hear from you.

    If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to ask here by commenting below.