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    Can you eat yogurt everyday

    Can You Eat Yogurt Everyday

    Who doesn’t like delicious yogurt? Being little sour and sweet it’s one of my favorite items during lunchtime. Apart from its yummy taste, it has numerous health benefits. Are you too fond of yogurt? Can you eat yogurt every day? Then my answer is yes. You can have one or two cups of yogurt daily.

    Indian Gooseberry

    Health Benefits Of Gooseberries

    Though gooseberries are bitter and sour to taste, they have numerous health benefits. Perhaps you don’t like their taste, but including gooseberries in your daily diet is advantageous for your healthy living. They are one of the wonder herbs which greatly contribute towards health and longevity. So keep on reading this article to explore the

    What is the natural cure for diabetes

    What Is The Natural Cure For Diabetes

    Over the millions of people in the world are affected by a life-threatening disease known as diabetes.  Are you a victim of this disease? Well,  I’m going to explain here what is the natural cure for diabetes. But, before jumping on that let me walk you through a little bit information about this disease. What

    How to get rid of common cold

    How To Get Rid Of Common Cold

    Common cold is a contagious disease of the upper respiratory tract which most of the people suffer every year one or multiple times. Are you one of them? Its symptoms are really annoying and irritating to continue your daily activities. Here I’ll show you how to get rid of the common cold with simple natural

    How To Cure Acidity Naturally

    How To Cure Acidity Naturally

    Are you annoyed with acidity? Stomach acidity or acid reflux is one of the common problems which many of us face most of the time. Right?  In this article, you will discover simple ways on how to cure acidity naturally. What is acidity? Our stomach produces hydrochloric acid for proper digestion of food. When this