Can You Eat Yogurt Everyday

    Can you eat yogurt everyday

    Can You Eat Yogurt Everyday

    Yogurt benefitsWho doesn’t like delicious yogurt? Being little sour and sweet it’s one of my favorite items during lunchtime. Apart from its yummy taste, it has numerous health benefits.

    Are you too fond of yogurt? Can you eat yogurt every day? Then my answer is yes. You can have one or two cups of yogurt daily. Not only it’ll satisfy taste buds but also protect you against many diseases.

    For those people who’re lactose intolerant, a yogurt is a great substitute for milk as it contains lactose. Yogurt is prepared by fermenting milk with two bacteria, Streptococcus thermophilus, and Lactobacillus bulgaricus, which converts lactose to lactic acid. This acid preserves the yogurt and kills off harmful bacteria such as salmonella. It is also responsible for yogurt’s thickness and sour taste.

    Yogurt is a rich source of calcium and phosphorus along with many Vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D etc. Just a cup of yogurt will give you a lot of nutrients. Keep on reading this article to know more benefits of yogurt!

    Reduces risk of high blood pressure and heart diseases

    Yogurt before a meal is a feasible way to improve post-meal metabolism and may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. The potassium content in yogurt helps to control blood pressure and therefore the risk of heart attack and stroke.

    You can enjoy yogurt as a starter or add it in vegetable or fruit salad to boost your metabolism.

    Prevents osteoporosis

    Osteoporosis is one of the common diseases in elderly people which results in bone-related issues such as weakening of bones, fractures etc. It is mainly caused by a deficiency in calcium and Vitamin D.

    A simple pot of yogurt can keep your bones strong. It is a rich source of calcium, iodine and also Vitamin D. All of them are essential for healthy bones.

    Yogurt is heavyweight nutrition, providing around a third of your daily iodine and bone-building calcium and nearly 15% of your daily protein, which is similar to a boiled egg. It also provides 30% of your daily phosphorus, needed for healthy bones and teeth.

    Contributes to gut health

    Fermentation makes good bacteria called probiotics, which contributes to your gut health and prebiotics which feed the good bacteria. Together they boost your immune system. Adam Cunliffe from a University in London says, ” There’s evidence that yogurt will protect us from infections as the gut lining, packed with bacteria from the yogurt, works like a primer for the immune system and keep it on its toes, ready to fight off infection”.

    Reduces risk of developing Type 2 diabetes

    A daily serving of yogurt reduces the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity. It has fewer carbohydrates and more proteins.

    Overweight is one of the common reasons that contribute to Type 2 diabetes. Yogurt may also help with weight loss. Those who have diabetes they can eat yogurt without any fear as it has no sugar. It’ll help you to keep your sugar level under control.

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    How to make homemade yogurt

    For making yogurt at home you’ll need just a spoonful of yogurt and one cup of milk. So when you buy yogurt, don’t finish it at once.

    Boil one cup of milk and let it cool at room temperature (25 to 35 degree Celsius). Add a spoonful of yogurt in it and stir it thoroughly so that no lump is formed. Cover it with a lid and keep it for six to seven hours at room temperature for fermentation.

    Check if the thick residue is formed or not. Sometimes it may take longer time. Once thick yogurt is formed, store it in the refrigerator. Next time use a spoonful of this yogurt to make another cup of yogurt. It’s like a cycle.

    I follow this process to make my daily one cup of yogurt. And most importantly, because of this method, you don’t need to buy yogurt daily.

    My advice is to buy a cup of yogurt weekly once and use a spoonful of it to make yogurt for the next day. Continue this for a whole week. This retains its delicious taste as well as consistency. Further, it’ll save your money.


    Being packed with numerous nutrients yogurt is one of the mouthwatering dairy products. If you are feeling hungry too often then eat a cup of yogurt. It’ll satisfy your appetite and make you feel fuller. Instead of eating dessert or ice cream you can opt for yogurt. Along with its delicious taste, it will give you a lot of health benefits. So include a pot of yogurt in your everyday diet and see its results. Eat healthy and stay healthy.

    I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. Are you eating yogurt daily? Have you ever experienced its benefits? Don’t forget to share here by commenting below.